Notes of meetings

TK meeting

Minutes 1st July, 2010


  • Liz, Rachel, Sheila

Greening campaign

  • Group agreed to invite Nigel to our next TK meeting on 5th August (Tracey will contact him)


  • This will be advertised at the Keyworth show. Report that Rachel has received a few phonecalls since the event outside Budgens (good news!).
  • Sue has contacts with people locally involved in ‘uniform’ groups (eg Brownies). She will contact these to ascertain whether they would be willing to Harvest.
  • Tracey to check with her contacts in Sheffield about the topic of liability.
  • Marjan to get list of houses from Rachel (and bring this to the Keyworth Show)
  • The group also discussed other local issues to do with orchards. Pru to email Diane and ask whether she could feed these ideas into the relevant people.

Green drinks

  • Discussion of whether to postpone green drinks for the summer holidays (Dean will update the website to this effect).
  • Decision to postpone and restart on 20th September 2010.
  • Dean to update poster for green drinks.

Farmers market

  • Fixed for the 16th October in the Tavern carpark (10am-4pm approx). Please note this date in your diary. Tracey waiting to hear back from the person involved.

Keyworth Show (cut and pasted from last meeting)

  • We will run

Free Stall – all to bring

Abundance Stall


Orphan plants and seeds – Sue, Tracey, put out on general e-mail

  • Resources

Gazebos from Crossdale – Sue from Crossdale + Liz & Dean’s

Liz and Dean’s paste table – Tracey has that

2 wooden tables – Tracey to source

Decorations – all to source

All take chairs

A table-cloth Marjan to bring

Abundance banner and leaflets and signing up sheet and poster – Sue

TK signing up sheet

Balloons and string -

Bring bread and jam  – as many as poss

Plates, trays etc – ask Sue

Kitchen Roll – Marjan

Wet Wipes – Marjan

Washing up bowl, water and towel – Alex

Cool box – Tracey

Jams for a donation?

Donations tin

  • For the Volunteers

Dress in fruity colours

Face Paints – Tracey

Dean to email TK group about arrival time. It would be good if people arrive early to help set up, and then we can maybe set up shift times.


  • Nothing to report

Funding of TK

  • This item will be discussed at the next meeting


  • Dean suggested we have another web related meeting to learn how to update it. Anyone interested to contact Dean – he suggests 8th July at 8pm.
  • Remind everyone to add comments etc to show that this site is used and live.

Date of next meeting

  • 5th August 2010. This will also be our summer social event. Aim to all bring a dish (locally sourced if possible). Venue TBC.

Notes of Transition Keyworth Meeting 04/03/10

Present: Rachel, Geoffrey, Jane, Alex, Prue, Sue, Tracey


Abundance update
Next articles for Green Tips
Presentation to Parish Council
Article in Keyworth News about allotments

Rushcliffe Borough Council

Farmers market


First contact has been received!

Ecoworks contact via Tracey knows of old school kitchen we might be able to use to make jams etc. It is very large so would be very useful. Is going to send us a film about Abundance.

Sue suggested that we mention Abundance at the end of every Green Tips.

Green tips

Tracey to do green gardening article. (March submission for April)

Sue to take responsibility for submitting May article. She will chase up Dean about Advanced Recycling article. Prue has offered to write an article – suggested topics:




Shopping locally/farmers market


Tony Axford has suggested that the area beyond the burial ground is used for allotments. Suggested that we all follow this up as individuals by writing to Parish Council in support. Prue will speak to Tony to try to find out what the objections are from the PC before we contact them.

Sue suggested that the Croft Road triangle be used as a community allotment rather than individual plots. We will wait to see how this project progresses and then suggest this and maybe arrange a visit to a current community allotment.

Sustainability Officer for Rushcliffe Borough Council

Have asked for suggestions of ways they can support us:

Find out plans for kerbside collections (waste food)

Bio digester

Financial support (poss for publicity)

Support for Farmers Market?

Support for buying the Co-op building

Farmer’s Market

We agreed that we need to organise a meeting with Ruth Wakeling in order to discuss this further. The possibility of a Harvest Market to coincide with Abundance was suggested.  Tracey to call Ruth.

Presentation to the Parish Council

As Dean and Liz are probably out of the picture we agreed that Alex and Rachel should go along to make the presentation. Alex has written this and asked for feedback. All agreed that he has done a fantastic job in writing this and is the best person to present it.

Next: Green drinks Mon 15th March (Seed Swap)

DONM: Mon 12th April (Changed due to Easter hols)

Abundance: Thurs 22nd April


Notes and actions of Transition Keyworth Meeting on 4 February 2010


  1. KPC meeting in March
  2. Keyworth show
  3. Green tips
  4. Green drinks
  5. Abundance
  6. Bio digesters
  7. Website
  8. Free economy weekend
  9. Keyworth Social Centre

KPC Meeting on 8th March

Agreed who will go along. Intro to TT movement national and international. Other parish council involvement. History of TK. Links with Village plan. About  just transition, social change, community building and resilience in the community, talk some of our projects. Leave script and leaflet. Community benefits. Asking for support, recognition of the KPC. Allotments and community composing. T will find out who at RBC is in charge of the recycling to go. Agree the script on the email list. A will do a first draft. Have Centenary at reduced rates? Why?

Keyworth show 2010

This has been booked. Free shop. Bike generator. Ideas to go on the list.

Green Tips

Get some article “in stock” T will do green shopping and green gardening. Anyone can write article on send out on the list. Article on advanced recycling (D). The max number of words is about 400 words. Stress in D’s article that it’s Keyworth in the area of free economy website. Abundance is going in March issue.

Green Drinks

Get this is the Keyworth Diary, ask R to do this as she has the contact. Posters? Get some done and put up. D and P to design it and S proof etc. Good turnout at last one.


Need meeting in advance of the article going out. Get people to sign up to that project at Keyworth show.

Bio digesters

Make contact with person there as first step to organising trip out. D to do this having first done some background research.  (T,S and D).  S / T will email RBC to find out a bit from them.


First blog hooray! Change date of the intro so this is always at the top. Events make sure that the newest one is at the top. Add notes of meetings to website suitable ammonised. If you do not know how to blog sent what you want to go on the blog to the list and one of the bloggers will post it. On the Upcoming Events page of the website, if you add an event make sure that the events are in date order with the soonest at the top

Free economy weekend

Planning meeting 19th Feb. Will try and get an abundance banner together.

Keyworth Social Centre

Parochial hall or co op store are the two places, Meeting discussed options of acquisition and running costs, that it would be a co operative and non hierarchical. Down side of having funding from say KPC on precept as this is annual cap in hand job. Would have to find a way to meet the running costs. Get some pump priming funds. L will try and get more info from co op about availability of the property and then we would need to do a proper feasibility study and project plan. There was a lot of enthusiasm for this. S will see if she can find out where we go to find out who owns Parochial hall and what is proposed for it.