Garage Sale Safari

Garage Sale Safari logoThe aim of the Transition Movement is to help local communities to become more sustainable and self-reliant in a world where fuel costs will continue to rise and the environment is under increasing pressure. It makes sense to us to make the most of what we have locally, and to avoid waste as much as possible. We are very much into practical action as you may have seen with our Abundance project, where we redistribute surplus fruit and other produce – a huge success and a lot of fun in 2010.

Now we have another idea for you. The Spring often brings on the urge to have a good clear out. If you are like the Transition folk, this can be a chore because you hate throwing things away if they still have some life in them. You could take them to a car boot sale, but it’s a long trek to sit in the cold in a field somewhere. Realcycle and Freegle are great, but it’s difficult to get rid of a lot of items at once. So why not get involved in a local project that gives you all the benefits of a car boot sale, but without having to leave your own driveway? It’s called a Garage Sale Safari.

In a Garage Sale Safari, as many people as possible hold a Garage Sale on the same day. Anyone who wants to run a stall outside their own home makes a donation so they can be put on a map which will be sold to show where to find each one. We would like the stall registration and map funds to go to the Friends of Kadzinuni, but obviously each individual stall holder is entirely free to do what they want with the money they take on the day. This means that local groups and other charities can also benefit.

We’ve fixed the date as Saturday 21st May, from 10am to 2pm. We’d like to hear from anyone who lives in Keyworth or belongs to a Keyworth-based group interested in having a stall. The suggested donation for inclusion on the map will be £5. If you are interested in being involved, please print, fill in and return the registration form  below, or contact Tracey on 07816899978. Can’t wait until May? Try or

Garage Sale Safari Leaflet

Keyworth’s first Farmers Market a success


Keyworth’s first farmer’s market was held in the car park of the Keyworth tavern on Saturday 16th October. The market, organised by people from Transition Keyworth included a range of lovely fresh products from local producers including vegetables, jams, soap, bread, cakes, chillis, honey, plants, meats and more.


The Abundance stall was also doing a roaring ‘trade’ giving away apples and delicious apple based food samples, all from the fruit donated by local people and collected and organised by the Abundance volunteers. Recipes for apple-based foods were also given out but don’t worry of you missed them, they are available on our ‘recipes’ page.

Farmers' Market 2

Was it a success? Well the stall holders I spoke to were very happy and, as I strolled down to the market  I passed several people with the distinctive blue shopping bags or chatting to passers by about  it. It certainly seemed to create a great community feeling around the Parade that Saturday morning. And that can’t be bad!

Abundance Project – spreading the word!

As I’m sure many of you will know by now, we are planning to help with collecting, distributing and using up surplus fruit around the village this autumn. A group of us recently spent a beautiful hot, sunny Saturday morning outside Budgens giving out homemade bread and jam and talking to as many people as possible about the project. We all really enjoyed it, as we met so many lovely Keyworthians who were supportive and enthusiastic about the project. Thank you so much to everyone who signed up – it was really heartening to find that so many of you want to get involved.

Our 'fruity colours' were eye-catching to say the least!
Our ‘fruity colours’ were eye-catching to say the least!

If we didn’t get to meet you, please do get in touch if you would like to help out in any of the following ways:

Tell us about your own trees

Tell us about other trees you know of

Offer empty clean jars and bottles

Help with turning the fruit into jams, chutneys and juices

Provide storage for fruit

Lend us equipment such as preserving pans,

Help us to keep a record by filming or photographing examples of Abundance in action

Help with transport

Help with harvesting – we need tree climbers & shakers, fruit catchers & sorters and anyone who has lots of energy & a sense of fun!

Home made bread and jam helped to 'spread the word'!
Home made bread and jam helped to ‘spread the word’!

We will also be at Keyworth Show with plenty of delicious homemade bread and preserves to sample, so do come along and say hello – we’d love to meet you!

For more information about Abundance call 07754 157595

Transition Keyworth rides ‘The Wave’

The wave (6)

Despite the ridiculously early start several TK members endured the 9 hour roundtrip to join ‘The Wave’ march against climate change in London. An inspiring 50,000 people from all walks of life gathered in Grosvenor Square all dressed in multiple shades of blue ( represent a wave if you hadn’t guessed !). The atmosphere was electric with speeches, drums, music, dancing and a sea of banners as far as the eye could see. Smiles a plenty, the march set off to a chorus of cheers and whistles to begin snaking its way through London’s streets leaving many onlookers mesmerised. The Transition Keyworth contingent marched with pride brandishing our homemade banner. However, it must be said some of us were marginally more enthusiastic than others and ended up dragging their fellow banner holders like an over excited dog on a lead ! The long trek seemed to fly by and came to a symbolic conclusion at the Houses of Parliament. Despite the onset of rain there was no dampening of spirits and the energised crowd continued marching of it’s own accord back to it’s origins – the homes of the individuals that stood up to be counted….!

This event was widely covered in the media and was a timely wake up call to the world’s leaders on the eve of the summit in Copenhagen. The overwhelming message was the demand for urgent, effective and fair action on climate change. We’ll find out on the 18th December at the climax of the summit if they were listening…..

Pixies at work in Keyworth

pixiesWe hear that a group of Keyworth pixies got busy with a spot of guerrilla gardening recently. In a demonstration of the ethos of ‘if something needs doing lets just get on and do it’ a number of community-minded residents set out under cover of darkness to improve a local eyesore.

So hopefully, as a result of these good deeds the land in front of the old Royal British Legion will look more like a garden than a bomb site this summer.

A great show of initiative, well done to all involved.

and some music…  Pixie work

potential community garden?

pixie plot - lets see what blooms!
pixie plot – lets see what blooms!

For more information on this subject see:

On the streets

A few of us put on an information stall in Keyworth village square on the morning of Saturday 28th March. As well as distributing the newly publishde TK general info leaflet we also had plenty of literature to give out, ranging from background science to practical advice.

TK stall in the square Sat 28 March 09
TK stall in the square Sat 28 March 09

Several passers-by stopped to talk to us, some who had never heard of ‘Transition’ and some who were aware of the issues but until then unaware that people in Keyworth are taking such proactive steps.

We felt the stall was valuable and worth repeating in order to reach as many  Keyworth people as possible.