Governing Principles

The principles by which Transition Keyworth will operate are set out below.

A copy for downloading can be obtained by clicking here

Transition Keyworth Gov Principles

It is anticipated that this governing document will be reviewed, and if necessary revised at the dissolution of the ‘Launch’ Group and the formation of the on-going Group with a more detailed unincorporated association constitution document.

During the Formative Phase prior to adoption of a detailed Constitution by TK at an Annual General Meeting:

  • The name Transition Keyworth (TK) is adopted;
  • An [Interim Steering Group] is formed from volunteers and shall operate according to the principles set out in this document

  1. 1. Governing Principles

Our core purpose is to mobilise and facilitate community action in order to respond in an effective, positive and timely manner to climate change and peak oil. We hope to achieve this by:

1.1. Raising awareness of and providing information about climate change and peak oil to people in the Keyworth area.

1.2. Engaging and building networks with people and groups already actively working on these issues.

1.3. Providing a framework for an effective response to climate change and peak oil, including the creation and implementation of an Energy Descent Action Plan

1.4. Creating visible practical projects that will reduce our C02 emissions, reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, and empower residents to participate.

We do this with the aim of creating a community that uses less energy and fewer resources and we believe that by doing so Keyworth will become a closer knit, more self-sufficient and thus resilient community. This vision and our aims are set out in more detail below.

  1. 2. What we stand for

2.1. sustainable energy use in all areas of society (including reduced general usage, and maximum use of renewable, non-fossil fuels and self-generated sources)

2.2. reduced consumption and waste, and the maximum re-usage and recycling

2.3. sustainable travel (including more walking and cycling, better public transport and less motorised traffic)

2.4. local production of food and other necessary goods and services and a fair allocation and sharing of limited resources

2.5. protection and improvements to green spaces and natural habitats

2.6. strong local communities, community spirit and mutual aid

2.7. a community which values diversity and welcomes everyone regardless of wealth, politics, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sex, disability, age or sexual preference

2.8. decision-making based on the maximum involvement of people, and on the long term needs of our community and the environment

  1. 3. Our Vision and Aims

A low carbon, sustainable and resilient future for Keyworth.

We see this future addressing the challenges of peak oil, resource depletion and climate change [with an Energy Descent Action Plan]. Co-ordinating these will require a collected, multi-disciplinary approach. TK Members are likely to develop their own particular interests and their own emphasis on any of the following themes, or develop new themes:

Energy and Carbon Emissions

Moving towards zero carbon emissions by transforming work, social, domestic and leisure activities. This may include a detailed audit for Keyworth and its environs to understand the immediate challenges and vulnerabilities to peak oil, resource depletion and climate change.


Moving towards zero waste by reducing the use of resources, increasing re-use and recycling of materials, reducing pollution and landfill.


Reorganising our transport systems towards zero carbon emissions by changing transport methods, needs and habits.


Sourcing sustainable materials and making conscious choices to reduce environmental impacts.


Encouraging local and sustainable food, including reducing food waste and choosing sources with the lowest environmental impacts.


Moving towards a sustainable water supply by reducing water use, and encouraging substitution and re-use of water.

Natural Habitats

Encouraging natural habitats and native wildlife through the conservation and restoration of biodiversity and minimising local environmental impacts.

Identity and Heritage

Maintaining our local identity through enhancing local culture and by conserving valuable local heritage.

Equity and Fair Trade

Encouraging equity and fair trade through making conscious choices that improve global equity and reduce exploitation.

Health & Happiness

Improving health and happiness by enhancing the quality of life that can be achieved within Keyworth.

Education and Re-skilling

Education and re-skilling for [Energy Descent]. This involves understanding the skills base in Keyworth and anticipating the future skills needs of a community in [Energy Descent].

Business and Industry

Understanding how business and industry in the Keyworth area will be affected by Peak Oil, Resource Depletion and Climate Change, anticipating changes and developing a thriving local economy.

Local Finance

This includes understanding how global finance will need to adapt or be succeeded by local financial models to support a community in [Energy Descent], such as local currency and local exchange.

  1. 4. How we work

These are the principles that guide the way TK works. These continue to develop and evolve:

4.1. We work together because we know that together we are greater than the sum of our parts. We work in a collaborative way because we get better results for less effort.

4.2. We don’t need permission to act. There is no hierarchy. Leadership of TK is shared by everyone. No individual can speak on behalf of the TK group without the agreement of the group. [In being involved in TK, individuals agree to abide by and uphold the ethos of TK and take responsibility for their own decisions, actions and results.]

4.3. We trust that those who step forward have good intentions and will make good decisions. We give autonomy and support to those who wish to be part of TK.

4.4. We are open to working with everyone who lives or works in [Keyworth] and is in agreement with what we stand for, the stated vision aims and objectives of TK and want to work towards those aims.

4.5. We avoid categories of “them and us”.

4.6. We acknowledge other initiatives and seek to find ways to collaborate and further the aims of TK.

4.7. Individually and as a group we identify what needs to be done and people volunteer for tasks when they already have the skills or want to develop the skills. We help and support each others’ learning.

4.8. We don’t have a blueprint. We believe in multiple paths, ideas and possibilities. We think questions are as important as answers. It’s fine to make mistakes and learn from them.

4.9. We work with a natural momentum, driven by our passion and positive approach.

4.10.               We are transparent in everything we do.

  1. 5. Organisational structure

5.1. TK Funds may be held in a bank account in the sole and exclusive name of Transition Keyworth.TK will operate a bank account with the Co Operative bank or a similar bank with ethical policies which support and aims of TK.

5.2. TK will have a Treasurer who will have responsibility for the operation of the bank account. Initially the treasurer’s function shall be carried out jointly by the signatories to the bank account who will ensure that a report on the finances of TK is given to every group meeting

5.3. Meetings will be held when required to further the aims of TK, initially meetings will be held on the first Thursday of every month.

5.4. [Specialist/Action/Sub] TK Groups form as needed to do what needs to be done: make decisions, take action; they dissolve when the need is gone.

5.5. TK is responsible for raising and acquiring its own money and resources and for using these wisely. Funding must support the aims of TK, be in line with the TK principles and be designed support TK’s vision and to deliver on our key aims.

5.6. Everyone is responsible for ensuring the free flow of information and knowledge around the TTK group and also the wider Transition Town network.

5.7. We always consider the effects of our actions on our public reputation.

5.8. We will evolve and make changes to these Principles where necessary and incorporate them in a constitution, but only with a high level of consensus.