Getting Involved

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle I no longer despair for the future of the human race. H.G. Wells

Everyone is encouraged to get involved as much as they can. While the issues we need to address can seem massive, and the more that people can commit the better, we realise that people have many commitments in their daily life so not everyone can spare as much time as others.

But there are a wide range of  positive things we can be doing and some of these may take little time, or may tie in with your current interests anyway.

house on green grass earth with wind generator

See the list on the Actions page to get a taste for the range of things we can be doing.

Come along and socialise at our regular ‘Green Drinks’ to learn more and meet people already involved. Equally feel free to attend one of our monthly informal meetings to help develop and participate in future projects.

The meetings serve to co-ordinate activities but are not the sole source of ideas and initiatives. If you have any idea for an activity to help meet the Transition objective then you could bring it along to a meeting to discuss. Or you might just want to get on with it and use the Transition Keyworth mechanism to seek whatever support you feel you need.

The Transition initiative recognises that our greatest resource is the people of Keyworth and  it is they who own Transition Keyworth.

If you are interested in the Abundance Project please email