Reducing and Re-using by Sharingreduce reuse

Whilst recycling has an important role to play in reducing energy use and preserving limited resources it is not the most effective action. Indeed it should probably be considered a last resort for many things we use. It is far more effective to reduce the amount of stuff we consume in the first place. So how can we consume less stuff yet still enjoy the benefits of these things?

Some of us involved in Transition Keyworth have been looking at ways of enabling people in Keyworth to contact each other to offer things, ask for things or share skills to help people fix repair things or learn how to make stuff. It turns out that there are already some really good schemes in place to enable us to do this.

Nottingham Realcycle, is part of the international ‘Freecycle’ network and provides and easy way to offer or ‘gift’ things, or to ask for items you need. Members of Transition Keyworth have been members for some time and can recommend it. If you decide to join up you might consider setting up a separate email account first to save cluttering your main one.

Freeconomy enables you to offer or request skills or equipment to share once you have joined up. You can set the mileage radius from your location and for Keyworth 2 miles seems optimal – it is not helpful to waste energy travelling long distances.

Offering to share valuable equipment with people you have not met before will require a degree of trust, but isn’t that just what a strong, resiliant community should be built on?

Abundance Project


This is a fantastic new project that we are introducing in Keyworth this year. Inspired by the Sheffield ‘Abundance’ scheme (see we have decided to try to map, collect and use as much as possible of the tons of fruit produced right here in the village, much of which is currently left to rot on the ground.  So many of us have fruit trees in our gardens which are not harvested – and yet we are happy to go to the supermarket and buy fruit which has been sprayed with pesticides, wrapped in plastic, and shipped halfway around the world!

So how does it work?

It’s pretty simple really. You let us know where the trees are. We get together a team of willing harvesters. When your fruit is ripe, you give us a call, and we come and harvest it for you.

What will we do with the fruit?

Our aim is that none of it is wasted. So, the fruit is yours to keep. Any surplus will be given away – to local organisations, to our volunteers, to anyone who wants it. We are hoping to borrow an apple press to make fresh juice, and we will run jam and chutney making sessions. We plan to have some kind of harvest celebration at the end of the season too.

Why bother?

Well, the benefits of this project seem huge to us. Less waste, less food needing to be imported. A chance for people to learn new skills, and an opportunity to build community.

Abundance –our policy

  • The main purposes of the project are sharing food, reducing waste, and building community.
  • Surplus produce may be given away for donations, but we cannot ‘sell’ anything.
  • Abundance volunteers can take a share of any surplus produce, but cannot sell it for private gain.
  • Any money raised will be used to further develop the project – e.g. for the purchase of equipment.
  • All produce is the property of the owner apart from any surplus which they will be encouraged to donate to the project – on the proviso that people do not sell produce picked by Abundance volunteers in order to make money for themselves.
  • Surplus produce will be given away to any members of the local community.
  • We will always try to distribute as fairly as possible, but initially this will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Abundance recipes

We have some delicious  apple based recipes on  the Resources page.

How can you get involved?

Lots of ways! This is a new project, so we will need all the help we can get! We will need volunteer harvesters, people who can spot and identify trees that might otherwise get overlooked, people to help with organisation and administration. But most of all, right now, we need you lovely people of Keyworth to get in touch with us and tell us about your trees!

To find out more about local Abundance projects


You can contact us in the following ways:


Call or text: Rachel on 07754157595

We will look forward to hearing from you!

What else could we do…


Here are some ideas of things we could do, as they become actions this page will report on progress.

Local food production

Food swaps
Skill shares
Plant exchanges
Seed swaps
Tool share scheme
Community transport
Lift share
Land share
Community compost
Community power generation
Free/swap shop