Green Tips from Transition Keyworth, February 2011

It’s February. It is cold and dark, and mainly wet, or snowing, or both. The bright promise of the New Year, the resolutions and the decision that ‘this year is the one when things will really change’ all seem a long way away. Fear not though, good citizens of Keyworth, for I have a new resolution for all of you that will last throughout the coming months and years to come; that will save you money, allow you to use new skills, and give you that warm glow of really doing something to save the planet. My new mantra is ‘Make Do and ‘Mend’.

Now, those of you amongst us with great wisdom and experience, who lived through the 2nd World War, will be muttering that this is nothing new. I am sure that many of you still maintain those careful habits of being frugal, wasting nothing and really looking after every penny. But for others of us, who have grown accustomed to our throwaway society, and take for granted the £5 toaster or £3 jumper, it  might come as a shock to realise that we can make or repair things ourselves, or use second-hand things instead of new ones. Give it a try – you will save money, have fun, and maybe even meet some new friends!

For example, many of you probably already sew or knit – if so, why not look around for one of the many opportunities in the village to get together with like-minded people to share skills and ideas. If you can’t find a group that suits you, why not start a new one! It is also worth looking at the Internet for ideas and inspiration – websites such as are increasingly popular. Its aim is” to grow a community keen to share ideas and inspiration and which empowers all of us to re-use more and throw away less. And have fun along the way…” Couldn’t have put it better myself!

O f course, if you have unwanted ‘stuff’ cluttering up your home – or you are looking for something ‘new to you’, you will be eagerly looking forward to our exciting and innovative new project, the Garage Sale Safari on Saturday 21st May. More details coming soon – keep the date free and watch this space!

For more information about this event please call Tracey on 07816899978


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