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Giving it away…..

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Okay, having spent much of this week up trees, making jam and frantically texting the Amazing Abundance Team, I am incredibly proud to report that on Saturday morning we finally managed to get to the whole point of the project – giving stuff away! In just two hours (and in a monsoon) we managed to give away well over 60lb of plums, and 20 jars of jam. We also collected a good amount in donations, so I’ve been able to reimburse all the dedicated jam-makers for the sugar and other bits they had bought out of their own money.

It was an amazing couple of hours -we really enjoyed being able to hand out bags of plums to lots of lovely people, and it was great to hear so much approval and enthusiasm about the project. It led to lots of interesting conversations, and lots of new trees being signed up for picking – we are certainly going to be busy once the apples really start to ripen!

So…… do you feel about getting involved? It honestly isn’t difficult, and it need not take up hours of your time – in fact, the more volunteers we have, the easier it will get! Right now we are short-handed as several of us (myself included) are about to go off on holiday – so your contribution will really make a difference. We are planning to go picking on Thursday and/or Friday evening, and we will be giving away fruit on Saturday morning. Do please come and join usthis is Transition Keyworth in action, in our own community!


Saturday, August 7th, 2010

We began this project very tentatively, not at all sure whether anyone would want to get involved……but suddenly I am getting calls from all over the village about plums being ready to pick, and my hall is filling up with crates of empty jam jars waiting to be filled! I am SO excited….but also a little worried as there are so few of us, and so much to do….and the apple season has not even begun yet! So this is a bit of a ‘call to arms’ for any of you out there reading this….we really DO need your help over the next few weeks to pick fruit, lend out ladders, and make jam! We are hoping that the preserves we make can be given away to those in need, but that they will also bring in some donations so that we can afford to buy some proper equipment for next year. This is just the beginning…..we really are going to make a difference!