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How Much is Enough?

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

So there are plans afoot for a Tesco store on the site of Wright’s Garage on Selby Lane. If its plan in the exhibition is accurate, Tesco will also have to purchase at least two of the adjoining properties. Apart from the objections to Tesco as a corporation which are eloquently set out in Andrew Simms book “Tescopoly” which as a reviewer says on the back cover “shows the creeping, invading, unsustainable world of the supershop, its tentacles strangling the life out of our communities” I got to thinking about the impact of this on our community and the transition town objectives in the village.

When I got to thinking it seem that just about everything that a supermarket with the market dominance of Tesco holds dear (the bottom line being profits for shareholders) runs counter to building a sustainable and resilient community in Keyworth. Then I just got so depressed that the thought of running away to the hills became (as it often does) an attractive proposition. And that’s kinda the point, massive organisations like this with seemingly infinite resources want you to despair and give up believing that there is a chance for a better world………………..they would like us to run away leaving them free to do what they want.

We have shops already. How much is enough? For some ideas on this I recommend the book “Enough” by John Naish (I have copy for loan)

A little bit of magic in my dining room.

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I have always grown a few bits and bobs of veg in my tiny garden – potatoes in big buckets, a runner bean wigwam, a few tomato plants squeezed in here and there. We have built some small raised beds and I’ve done really well with salad leaves, radishes and even courgettes (they actually tried to take over the whole garden last summer!)
This year though, I have been looking forward to the spring even more eagerly than usual, because I finally have a bit more land to play with! Last year I placed a ‘wanted’ ad on the Landshare website, and managed to find a lady who had an area of her garden that she would be happy to let me use for growing. My friend Sue and I have since spent many happy hours weeding and clearing, as well as planning what to grow in such an amazing space!
The astonishingly cold winter has meant that we are a little behind with what we had planned, but last weekend I managed to plant the first seeds in the propagator which fits into my dining room windowsill. Now there are tiny seedlings bursting through in each pot – a real sign that the long winter is finally over and the growing season is really getting under way. Next Christmas, with any luck, we will be eating Brussels sprouts from the plants just germinating in my dining room. That feels like a little bit of magic to me.

For more details about Landshare have a look at