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Let the blogging begin…

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Crikey, here we go…….(drum roll)…….the start of the Transition Keyworth blog !! I guess as one of the regular TK bloggers I’d better introduce myself . Well,….I’m Alex, self confessed blogging virgin and semi technophobe ! I guess the immediate assumption is that as an active member of TK I’ve got environmental credentials as long as my arm and I do this sort of thing in my sleep. Well,….errr….actually no. I have never classed myself as an eco warrior nor tree hugger (I much prefer people !). To be honest as a child of the modern world my lifestyle doesn’t exactly fit the profile of your stereotypical environmentalist……..and as far as I’m concerned that’s the point ! I’m not contributing to this blog to tell you where I‘ve been, I’m here to tell you where I’m going and hopefully share the experience along the way.
So where do I start ?
Well, fast approaching our 30’s my lovely wife and I moved to Keyworth in 2004. We were coming of an age where clubbing and pubbing was losing it’s appeal and the time had come to settle down and start a family. Ironically, within a year that’s exactly what we got……3 beautiful and remarkably similar girls (work that one out !). Anyway, for a while now I’ve had this ever increasing feeling that modern society has got us all in a bit of a rut, be it on an individual, local, national or global level. I won’t list my concerns otherwise I may inadvertently confirm my suspicion that I’m turning into a grumpy old man ! However, what I can say is that a chance discovery of Transition Keyworth at the village show has set me and my family on a path that is addressing these issues and is proving, dare I say it, rather exciting ! The whole Transition Town concept is awe inspiring and being part of it through TK seems so..…well,….right !! Anyway, I shall finish on that note before I get so gushing that I induce nausea (not good for a first post I guess). I can’t speak for the other contributors to this blog but I’m hoping over the coming weeks, months and years our musings will document the transition of ourselves and this great village to something that we are all proud of.